Here’s Why You Must Consider PRP Injections For Anti-Aging Signs!

PRP, short for Platelet Rich Plasma, has proved to be useful for a number of needs – pain relief, hair loss, and skin treatment. PRP injections for the skin is often used a natural treatment for aging issues. The popularity of PRP can be credited to the fact that it doesn’t use anything synthetic or ‘external’ for treatment but relies on the natural platelets found in blood for stimulating cells that are responsible for synthesis of collagen.

What are the benefits of PRP?

PRP injections can improve skin texture considerably and visibly besides improvement in skin tone. Additionally, it reduces wrinkles and lines, creating a plumped effect. It also helps in atténuation des cernes colorés, besides reducing signs of aging like age spots. It must be mentioned here that PRP is extensively used as a hair loss treatment, as well. PRP can be combined with other treatment such as dermal fillers to treated aged skin and deep wrinkles, but on its own, PRP works best for early signs of aging and skin color issues. What also makes it popular is the right effect it has on all types of skin.

Knowing PRP injections better

Blood sample is taken from the patient, which is about 8ml. Blood is then processed through centrifugation, which helps in separating the plasma from red blood cells. The plasma contains all the required growth factors and bioactive proteins that are required to promote the production of collagen. Before injecting, the plasma must be activated with calcium chloride and is injected using injection by U-225 shotgun or microneedling. The process may take up to an hour. Most patients require two to three sessions of PRP, usually with a space of about four weeks.

Things to know

Because PRP is made from your own blood, it may not work for you in the same way as others. In fact, it is often not known how well the body will react to PRP injections, which is why it can be combined with HA injections and other treatments for better results. Always select a good clinic for the treatment, because it does make a difference. An experienced doctor will explain everything you must know about PRP injections and you can also ask relevant questions as how other treatments can be used to get better results for your skin.

If you are over 30 and concerned about signs of aging, PRP can seem like the first solution!