Health Care

Health isn’t the Lack of Disease

What’s health?

Nowadays, our overall health care system defines health as getting the right test scores and metrics for medicine, disease and healing. Knowing your test score is essential as guidelines for achieving and looking after the very best health possible.

However I have confidence in a far more encompassing definition. Health isn’t the lack of disease it’s the sense that a person’s existence is wealthy, full and vibrant. I consider a dear friend who resides in a nursing facility and may do hardly any physically for herself and is affected with Parkinson’s disease. Yet she’s a significant inspiration and pleasure to her buddies and fellow residents. She’s knowledge and humor that they can tell me yet others. Her western medical prognosis is dire, but her feeling of self is the fact that her existence is frequently challenging but additionally busy and filled with existence that’s fully enjoyed right now. And she or he receives acupuncture and massage regularly which will help her cope with her condition.

Health isn’t just a medical problem

We have been trained to consider health to be another medical problem. It isn’t. It is the biological ability to live a complete wealthy existence. Health is really a capacity it’s about what each individual & themselves is able to do. It is a capacity that develops as a result of what each individual wants from existence. It is a capacity that develops according to what each individual learns and knows. It is a capacity developed as a result of the conditions by which each individual finds herself, the conditions she seeks out and helps to create by herself with others. Quite simply, health is all about power not just to mitigate and take care of infirmities however the power to do this that intentionally makes existence better.

So in 2010 I’ll be concentrating on helping all of my patients to attain their maximum biological ability to experience as wealthy a existence as you possibly can.