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Facts About Banning of Metabolife 365

Metabolife 365 was a product intended to help you lose weight and give you an attractive body figure. It is was an energy-enhancing formula and alleged to help you build a desired body shape. It was used as a diet aid to encourage weight control. The banning of the product was due to the harmful nature of Original Metabolife 356 ingredients.

The Company behind the Manufacturing of Metabolife 365

The formula was formulated by a company known as Metabolife International Inc. this is a well-known company on the market to be selling weight loss products of all the time. The manufacturer claimed that the formula helps increase your energy levels as well as boosting the rate of metabolism in the body to burn stored fats. It utilizes ingredients which are claimed to support weight loss and give you a slimmer figure.

How Metabolife 365 work?

This weight loss formula had Ephedra which works well for fat loss through the following mechanisms:

  • It helps in increasing thermogenesis in the body. Therefore, the heat will be helpful in breaking down the stored fats for weight reduction.
  • Reduces your appetite as you eat less amount of food than usual and thus, there will be reduced intake of calories.
  • It boosts the levels of energy in your body which ensures that you remain active for long period and improve your athletic performance or help you achieve maximum results during a workout. Therefore the product was commonly used by dieters, athletes and bodybuilders, who wanted to achieve a slimmer body, improve their motivation and increase the levels of energy.

Reasons for Banning Metabolife 365

The product was prohibited due to some of the ingredients found in it were found to be harmful. Some of the users of the product also reported adverse effects due to the consumption of the formula. Original Metabolife 356 ingredients such as Ephedra and Ephedrine posed high risk to human beings. FDA investigated the negative reports by the product’s effects which were linked to the above ingredients.

Ephedra alkaloids were banned from the dietary products following the passing on of Steve Bechler, Baltimore Orioles pitcher. Ephedrine was believed to be associated with his high temperature causing his death. The ingredients are linked to side effects such as strokes, psychosis, abnormal functioning of the liver, high blood pressure, heart attack and death.


Metabolife 365 was a product that gained confidence among many people because of its capability to help lose weight. It was well-known to be fast and effective weight loss formula. The company behind the product reported an increase in sales as the formula was in demand. The manufacturer claims that the formula helps in burning stored fats by boosting thermogenesis and increase the rate of metabolism.

However, the product’s users reported adverse effects after its consumption. The product is associated with serious effects like strokes, high blood pressure, heart attack as well as death. It is known that the product is still on the market but without the harmful ingredients such as ephedrine and Ephedra. Currently, there is a wide range of weight loss supplements on the market and you are advised to check their ingredients for you to settle on the safe formula for your needs.