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Add a Toner for Unclogging Pores and Maintaining Skin pH Balance

When we leave our house we know our skin will be exposed to sunlight, UV rays, dirt and pollution. Therefore, we cover our body and face properly to protect it from harmful elements. We also apply sunscreen lotion to protect our skin from UV rays. Do you think that is enough? No, it isn’t because no matter how much you cover your face it attracts pollution.

The open pores release natural oil, which stays on your face. Dirt sticks to your face with that oil thereby blocking your pores. This not only damages your skin, but also gives rise to pimples and dullness. That is why dermatologist always recommends a good facial toner to cleanse skin from within. Many people believe in the myth that skin toners are harmful because it contains harsh chemicals and alcohol. However, the truth is, skin toner cleanses your deep pores minimizing their size and both closing it. When the pores are cleaned from within, it feels fresh and bright.

Here are some more benefits of using a toner –

  • Toner helps in shrinking the pores by removing extra natural oil.
  • Our skin has pH balance between 5 and 6, which gets carried away if we wash our face with an alkaline face. It takes time for the skin to bring the pH balance back to normal that is why using a toner is recommended to maintain the balance quickly.
  • It helps in closing pores and also tightens the cells, which will prevent impurities to penetrate the skin.
  • Not all toners have alcohol in it, but some are humectants that help to moisturize your skin as well.
  • When you don’t have face wash or water to clean your face then simply wiping face with toner can help you look fresh.

Initially, there was just one type of toner available in the market because of which most women did not prefer using it. However, with time, several brands have launched various toners for all skin type.

Today’s products are high in nutrients and pay close attention to not just clean your face, but also giving nourishment to it. Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry or normal skin there are products available in the market for each type.

Cleaning once in the morning before exposing your skin to dirt and UV rays and cleaning once in the night before going to sleep will always give you a healthy and refreshing skin.